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Business Formation

From Formation To Planning To Execution, Cloud Peak Capital Has You Covered

Let’s Optimize Your Business

Cloud Peak Capital helps early stage businesses with a variety of headaches that plague business owners and can severely limit the company’s success in the long run.

Items like creating a business plan, creating an organizational chart and choosing the right legal entity are just a few examples that can impact your business significantly but are sometimes sub-optimal or even put by the wayside by business owners whose are focused on running the day to day operations of the company.

Here at Cloud Peak, we have numerous advisors and partners, each of whom are experienced and knowledgeable about these and many other important matters that need to be addressed and implemented so that the business can maximize its potential in the short and long term.

We Can Help Your Business By:

  • Selecting a business structure that best fits your needs by evaluating tax advantages, legal exposure and ease of operation
  • Preparing An Initial Business Plan To Add Clarity To Your Marketing, Management And Financial Plans – adding strategic and tactical details and competitive analysis to your basic plan can keep you and your employees focused and moving in the same direction toward your end goals.
  • Developing A Rock-Solid Partnership/Operating Agreement – We can help you outline the structure of your business, with important details about rules for how major decisions are made, adding or removing partners/owners, and how profits are split. Defining these matters upfront can make for smoother relationships with colleagues/owners and prevent potential lawsuits down the road.
  • Determining Your Startup Capital Needs – Various stages of your business’ evolution require different types of capital: Seed Stage, Startup, or Growth Stage. Raising enough capital to gain or keep momentum is important, but raising more than you need can dilute your ownership unnecessarily.
  • Identifying Sources Of Startup Capital And Backup Sources If Needed – With your Company’s stage in mind, we can help you to pick the optimal mix of equity or debt to fund your business.
  • Evaluating And Quantifying Buying Power So That You Know How Much Money To Secure – How much capital do you need to finance a trade, or how many days of working capital are required? What are your alternatives to equity and bank financing? Can you utilize your line of credit in full, or will you bump up against your debt covenants before that point?
  • Preparing A Cash Flow Budget – In addition to a forecast of your P&L, you need a balance sheet and cash flow statement, So You Know Exactly How Much Money You Need To Keep The Business Alive Each Month For The First Few Years.
  • Identifying Business Insurance Needs – Make sure you have adequate coverage for standard risk such as General Liability, Property, D&O, as well as any risks specific to your business, such as oil & gas or technology or professional services.
  • Preparing And Filing All Required Federal, State And Local Applications, Licenses, Permits And Certificates – Certain industries have specific license and bond requirements, and operating in multiple states or other jurisdictions, and certain other activities that give you Nexus can quickly complicate your state and local filing requirements.

When we work with your business, Cloud Peak Capital will evaluate and advise you on each of these matters and many others all with the intent of maximizing your company’s potential.

What We Do

Cloud Peak Capital connects businesses with investors to create mutually beneficial relationships. We facilitate and enhance those connections by providing support and consulting across a wide variety of spectrums including consulting, business formation, marketing and intellectual property protection.


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