Cloud Peak Capital

Buyers and Sellers

We help individuals who are looking to buy or sell business equity/ownership

How We Help Investors

If you are a qualified investor looking to bring private company stock into your portfolio, Cloud Peak Capital offers investment opportunities in startup and mezzanine level companies. Currently, a majority of the newer companies are staying private longer and investing in growth before going public. A large percentage of a company’s value can be created before an acquisition or IPO occurs. Investors looking to add private company equity into their investment portfolio can find it with Cloud Peak Capital, either through direct buys from interested companies or secondarily from original investors.

How We Can Help Shareholders

If you are a shareholder looking to liquidate equity in a private company, Cloud Peak Capital can help you find qualified investors interested in buying all or part of your private equity. We have qualified investors and angel and capital groups looking for opportunities to buy stock in private companies from equity holders like you, who want either a full or partial exit.

What We Do

Cloud Peak Capital connects businesses with investors to create mutually beneficial relationships. We facilitate and enhance those connections by providing support and consulting across a wide variety of spectrums including business formation, marketing and intellectual property protection.