Cloud Peak Capital

Seed Startup & Growth Capital

The funding your company needs.

Does Your Business Need Capital?

Cloud Peak Capital provides Seed, Startup and Growth Capital to entrepreneurs and business owners with high potential. We look for organizations from an assortment of industries that are based in innovative technologies and innovative business models. Cloud Peak seeks to finance business visionaries and entrepreneurs that are too small to raise capital in the public markets and are unable to secure a bank loan or complete a debt offering.

There are usually four stages of capital financing:

  • Seed Stage
  • Startup Stage [Series A]
  • Growth Stage [Series B & C]
  • Exit strategy (IPOs and TS/M&A)

Cloud Peak Capital specializes in the first three (Seed, Start-up and Growth) and matches companies ready for an IPO or TS/M&A with local, regional and national firms that can best structure, value and sell their shares.

How We Can Help Your Business

To start your new company, bring your product to market or finance your company for growth, you need funding. There are several categories of financing possibilities. Smaller ventures often rely on personal bank loans or loans from friends and family; however, some ventures need more.

Some ventures need resources from investment groups like Cloud Peak Capital. The Harvard-MIT paper, “Angels Improve Entrepreneurial Success”, highlights evidence that capital/angel-funded startup companies are less likely to fail than companies that rely on other forms of initial financing.

What does that tell you?

Cloud Peak Capital has qualified investors, angel and capital groups looking for the opportunity to invest in you and your early-stage high potential company.